The Betty Chappelle Dance Centre FAQ's

Do I need to wear a uniform?
Yes. After a maximum of one month (to ensure your child is enjoying dance and wants to stay) Betty Chappelle Dance Centre uniforms must be worn to every lesson accompanied by the relevant footwear.
Please see our Uniform page for more details.
In the interest of safety no jewellery should be worn and all hair should be tied back.

Do I need to attend all classes?
Yes. Classes must be attended regularly and students dressed and ready for class at the specified time.

What about fees?
Fees are payable on a monthly basis, please ensure that fees are paid promptly on the first lesson of each month. Missed classes must be paid for in full as no money will be refunded, this keeps the cost of classes to a minimum thus benefiting everyone in the school. Extra classes may be taken to make up for missed classes but these will be at the discretion of the teacher. The principal must be notified as soon as possible of any decision to leave the school.

How old do I have to be?
There is no specific age limit.
Beginner's normally start age 2/3.

How big are the classes?
Private classes are held on a one to one basis. The size of regular classes can vary depending on the size of the studio and on the type of class, from 4 to approx 16. The number of pupils in technical classes are keep to a minimum, whereas some classes (street jazz and musical theatre) are fun with lots of people.

Do I need to book?
Yes. Booking is essential.

Is there a membership or joining fee?
No, there is no joining or membership fee.

When can I start?
You can usually start straight away.

Do I need to take exams?
Examinations are available to students, but are not compulsory.

Following on from the grades, Performers Examinations can be taken at a number of levels in all theatre subjects as part of continued technical development or in preparation for teaching qualifications. For more details about professional and teaching examinations please contact a member of staff.

IDTA examinations are held regularly throughout the year in all subjects.

Do you close for the Holidays?
Yes, holiday dates are as follows:
Penistone branch - 1 week Easter - 4 weeks Summer - 2 weeks Christmas
Wakefield branch - 1 week Easter - 2 weeks Summer - 2 weeks Christmas

Please Contact us if you have any further questions.